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Western Sierra Charter Schools

41267 Highway 41   Oakhurst, CA   93644

“Committed to Family-Centered Education!” Western Sierra Charter Schools provide the best in personalized learning for all students. We are PUBLIC and FREE. We serve all students of Fresno and Madera Counties and each adjacent county. For 25+ years we have provided the best of home school instruction and school based instruction. The vision of Western Sierra Charter Schools is to create a rigorous, dynamic, and accountable learning community that is built upon voluntary association, parent leadership, personalized student learning, and high academic standards for all students. Western Sierra Charter Schools (WSCS) is committed to three foundational principles. First, parents are to be active leaders in their child’s education. Secondly, each student’s academic program is personalized to meet the needs of that individual student. Finally, WSCS is committed to maintaining high expectations of excellence in both academic rigor and personal conduct for students, parents and faculty. WSCS currently operates three charter schools. Mountain Home School Charter (MHSC), originally established in 1994 as the 63rd charter school authorized in California. MHSC is located in Oakhurst, CA and serves students TK-8th grade. Glacier High School Charter (GHSC) was founded in 2002 for the purpose of creating a high school program similar in structure to MHSC’ elementary program. GHSC shares a campus with Mountain Home School in Oakhurst. Endeavor Charter School is a TK-12th grade public charter school. Endeavor was established in 2020 out of a resource center serving both Mountain Home School Charter and Glacier High School Charter in Fresno, CA.

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