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Golden Valley Unified School District

37479 Avenue 12   Madera, CA   93638

The Golden Valley Way! A District of Excellence Our school district excels above many others because our parents, teachers, staff, school board and community do a remarkable job of supporting our students and setting high expectations. Our work here in Golden Valley Unified School District is centered on providing a curriculum-rich education that is driven by real-world and real-life experiences. We will continue to stress to our teachers and administrators the importance of our core values of providing a rigorous curriculum, making learning relevant to our students and developing positive relationships with our children; this is the Golden Valley Way. We are blessed to be a part of a safe and caring professional learning community that values quality education, high expectations and a “yes, we can” attitude! Our community expects us to prepare our students for the real-world. We understand, in order to accomplish this task, it truly takes a GVUSD community. We take this responsibility wholeheartedly and vow to bring our best day in and day out. Our children need to be able to compete globally and we are committed to being increasingly proactive in preparing students for challenges that do not yet exist. We must recognize the paradigm shifts in education and adjust our systems to properly and proactively address an ever changing society. Our past is not a prelude to our children’s future. We have set the highest standard of what we expect from our students and staff. Our students and staff will be respectful. Our students will represent themselves, their family and their school community with pride. Our students expect to be guided in this way. It is our duty to embrace this challenge and hold our student to the highest standard, especially when it comes to dress and grooming and behavior. We believe in addressing the “little” things each and every time, so they do not become “bigger” things. Our learning environments wil

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