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Extera Public Schools

3632 E 5th street   Los Angeles, CA   90063

Extera Public Schools are tuition-free, public K-8 charter schools serving the communities of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles. Founded in 2011, Extera operates two schools on four campuses that are co-located with LAUSD schools. Extera Public Schools currently serves approximately 900 inner-city, primarily Latino students who historically have had limited access to high quality public education options within their local neighborhood. More than 90% of Extera’s students come from low-income households and are eligible for Title I services, and nearly 50% are classified as English learners. The mission of Extera Public Schools is to prepare students for 21st century life and careers. Grounded in a program built upon excellence, equity, and engagement, Extera grows students into trailblazers who are conscientious change agents for their communities and beyond. With a focus on the natural world and the interconnectedness of all living things, children attending Extera Public Schools engage in learning that provides real world relevance and nurtures self-empowerment in order to develop students from local to global citizens. Project-based and place-based activities, personalized learning, the meaningful use of 1-1 technology in the classroom, and support for the “whole child” are all key aspects of Extera’s learning environment. Extera was founded on the firm conviction that all children, regardless of background or socio-economic status are entitled to high quality public education.

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