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Contra Costa County Office Of Education

77 Santa Barbara Rd.   Pleasant Hill, CA   94523-4215

The Contra Costa County Office of Education is a unique agency. One of 58 counties in the state of California, Contra Costa County has the 11th largest public school student population in the state. Officially established in 1932, the CCCOE has a long history of providing direct services to some of our county's most vulnerable students, including young people who are incarcerated, homeless or in foster care, as well as students who have severe physical or emotional challenges. CCCOE also provides support services to schools and school districts in Contra Costa County; services that can be handled most effectively and economically on a regional basis rather than by each of the county's 261 schools or 18 school districts. These services range from budget approval and fiscal support, to technology infrastructure and communication support. In addition, CCCOE provides some of the best, high level professional development opportunities for educators in the entire state. The County Office of Education is an essential part of Contra Costa's outstanding public school system. Overall, our county's students rank high on virtually every measure of achievement – from test scores to college entrance rates. For more information about the County Office's programs and services, we invite you to visit our website at

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