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Executive Director: Kepler Education Inc. (Kepler Neighborhood School)

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Nathan Carson
12 months
Full Time
10/26/2017 12:00 AM Pacific
Date Posted:
Application Deadline:
10/26/2017 12:00 AM Pacific
Employment Type:
Full Time
Length of Work Year:
12 months
Number Openings: (At time of posting)
Contact: Nathan Carson Email: Phone: 559-495-0849
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Kepler Neighborhood School

Executive Director Job Posting



Positional Overview

The Board of Directors of Kepler Education Incorporated, on behalf of Kepler Neighborhood School, seeks qualified applicants to fill the position of Executive Director of Kepler Education Incorporated. The Executive Director, the academic leader of the School, spearheads the development of the school’s curriculum and culture. He or she is responsible for ensuring that Kepler Neighborhood School is accomplishing its mission and vision through leadership of faculty, staff and volunteers and through consultation and coordination with the Board of Directors of Kepler Education Incorporated. With the support of the Board, the Executive Director also designs and oversees the budget and all fiscal procedures.

The Executive Director must have strong leadership abilities and an educational vision that is consistent with the school's charter. As such, the Executive Director leads teachers and staff in the development and on-going improvement of the academic program, guides teachers in the implementation of schoolwide best practices, discipline-specific curricula and assessments, and school culture, and also trains, supervises, and evaluates all staff and teachers, and recommends all hiring decisions to the Board for final approval.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (required), Master’s (preferred), Terminal (desired). California Administrative Credential (or ability to obtain one), minimum three (3) years academic leadership experience, preferably in charter schools. Understanding of non-profit organizations, experience in accomplishing goals using data analysis and monitoring, and budget development and management.

Additionally, the Executive Director will have Responsibilities in the following areas:


  • Act as liaison for School Board with Fresno Unified School District, CDE, EdTec, and all bodies associated with charter authorization, including report development and distribution
  • Communicate with legal counsel and any outside consultants when necessary
  • Oversee reauthorization process
  • Oversee finances and ensure legal and appropriate use of funding to meet school goals, reporting at least monthly to the Board and to EdTec.
  • Perform and oversee all President and CFO duties for Kepler Education Incorporated.
  • Oversee duties relevant to Johannes Property Corporation LLC, and submit its tax file 990 statement of interest
  • Prepare and present regular reports to the Board inclusive of; finances, academic goals, enrollment, staffing, culture, and community connection
  • Review and report on fiscal audit findings with the KNS Board
  • Designs and implements organizational structure to obtain KNS goals
  • Approves final hiring decisions
  • Directly supervise and evaluate Leadership Team
  • With feedback from the Curriculum and Instruction Leader, provides corrective feedback, discipline and dismiss faculty and staff as needed
  • Acts as board representative when engaging in contracts not to exceed $10,000
  • Oversee enrollment goals and admissions process
  • Keep current on educational development through in-services, conferences, research, and other programs
  • Act a primary person in charge of academic oversight, including, as needed, curriculum development and oversight
  • Meet any and all goals established by the Board

School & Community:

  • Act as the keeper of Kepler’s institutional vision and strategic plan, including its academic, ethical, and community engagement aspirations, with fidelity to the Kepler charter
  • Ensure that KNS achieves its mission and school-wide goals, and that all students develop and maximally accomplish their academic and behavioral goals
  • Promote KNS in the community and interact effectively with media
  • Update and implement the School Safety and Nutrition Plan
  • Oversee expulsion process and present case to School Board for decision
  • Produce, review, and communicate annual surveys (Parent, staff, and students)
  • Ensures appropriate state testing and benchmark assessments are administered by assigned staff, and used for instructional and curriculum decisions
  • Ensure that proper measurable assessment metrics are in place for all of Kepler’s core school goals, and appropriately communicated to Fresno Unified School District, as other relevant charter accountability bodies


  • Develop/review and update the School annual performance report and SARC (School Accountability Report Card), Local Control and Accountability Plan, School Wide Plan, and the Local Education Agency Plan
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, school charter and Fresno Unified School District requirements
  • Attend meetings as requested by the authorizer and stays in contact with the authorizer regarding changes, progress, etc.
  • Oversee the goal of 96% daily attendance, including troubleshooting, overseeing documentation, and reporting
  • Establish and maintain administrative procedures to handle vital tasks including managing student and personnel records
  • Annually review and suggest updates to the student/family and staff handbooks for Board approval


  • Provides vision, leadership, and advocacy for KNS
  • Assist in grant and resource development in cooperation with the Board
  • Participate in Family/Community organizations as appropriate to improve communication, enrollment, attendance, and service to all stakeholders
  • Develop and sustain effective collaborations with key partners identified in the KNS charter, and proactively enhance the effectiveness of KNS collaborations with business, community, government, and higher education partners
  • Obtain and analyze regular demographic data regarding community
    • Provide recommendations to the Board for any necessary program adjustments based on community data
    • Work with Board to lead expansion goals as appropriate


  • Other duties as assigned by the Kepler Board of Directors.

Other Requirements:

  • Must have and maintain CA Driver’s License with reliable transportation and may require specified car insurance requirements
  • Background Clearance Requirement: Employment will be contingent on successfully passing a background check as mandated by Federal and/or California State Laws. This will be completed, passed and clearance will be maintained according to the satisfaction of these relevant entities


*Competitive Salaries and Benefits: Full-time compensation includes monthly salary and benefits package, calibrated through an IRS mandated, regional comparative compensation study.

*Kepler Education Incorporated and Kepler Neighborhood School do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, nor any other protected classes as enumerated by federal or state law.

*Please note that all information herein is subject to change at the discretion of Kepler Education Incorporated and its representatives.


Requirements for Applying

  • Resume

    Requirements for Applying

    • Resume

      Interested applicants should submit their resume to Kepler Board of Directors Personnel Committee, attn. Ms. Christina Soto, at:

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      Kepler Neighborhood School

      Application Deadline: 10/26/2017 12:00 AM Pacific

      Interested applicants should submit their resume to Kepler Board of Directors Personnel Committee, attn. Ms. Christina Soto, at:

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