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TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY- Campus Security Assistant/Officer

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8 Hrs /SchYr + 3 Days
Full Time
4/17/2014 3:30 PM Pacific
Range 22 (Teams 2)
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Application Deadline:
4/17/2014 3:30 PM Pacific
Employment Type:
Full Time
Length of Work Year:
8 Hrs /SchYr + 3 Days
Range 22 (Teams 2)
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Rancho Mirage High School
Rancho Mirage High School
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Palm Springs Unified School District





The Campus Security Assistant provides for the safety and welfare of students during classroom and non-classroom activities; minimizes the frequency and/or severity of harmful incidents; and communicates observations and/or incidents that have a potential impact on the general well being of students, school personnel, and/or visitors.  The Campus Security Assistant remains on campus for the duration of their shift. This positon is not afforded uninterrupted breaks or a duty free lunch period.


  • Analyzes information and situations regarding activities that may be in violation of school policies and/or an indication of possible criminal activity.
  • Prepares a variety of documents (e.g. incident reports, security logs, memos, letters, procedures, etc.).
  • Recommends policies, procedures and/or actions to school administration (e.g. supplies and equipment, schedules, practices, etc.).
  • Collaborates with other school and district personnel, assigned police officer, representatives of local agencies, etc..
  • Informs personnel, students, parents and/or visitors of school policies and procedures.
  • Maintains a variety of information, files and records (e.g. schedules, investigations, guidelines, etc.).
  • Responds to a variety of situations (e.g. accidents, injuries, vandalism, fire alarms, etc.).
  • Assists other personnel as may be required.
  • Monitors student events (e.g. dances, athletic events,etc.).
  • Intervenes in potential conflicts.
  • Monitors students within a variety of school environments (e.g. rest rooms, grounds, hallways, library, cafeteria, parking lots, etc.).
  • Refers observations and incidents (e.g. injuries, altercations, suspicious activities, inappropriate social behavior, violations of rules, etc.).
  • Communicates school policies and enforcement procedures to students, personnel and visitors.
  • Investigates unusual incidents (e.g. unauthorized visitors, threats against students, possible violations of school policy, etc.).
  • Issues lockers and parking stickers.
  • Transports students as may be required.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.




Graduation from high school and one year of experience working with students.


SKILLS to patrol and monitor campus to maintain order and security in schools; observe situations and accurately determine effective courses of action; recognize signs of danger to school property; analyze and deal effectively with emergency situations; remember names, faces, and details of occurances; administer first aid; operate standard office equipment and use pertinent software applications; and prepare and maintain accurate records.


KNOWLEDGE of investigative and law-enformecement procedures and techniques; regulations pertaining to the protection of buildings and groups belonging to the district; local law-enforcement, service, and emergency agencies; district and school rules and regulations; basic interests, attitudes, and emotional development of adolescents; record keeping; health and safety regulations; basic first aid and CPR procedures.


ABILITY to interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures; learn district organization, operations, policies and objectives; understand and follow oral and written directions; communicate both orally and in writing; understand when use of force is necessary and when it can be avoided; work varying hours including nights, weekends, and holidays; work collaboratively in a team environment; establish and maintain successful working relationships; work effectively with students; work confidentially with discretion; operate a variety of office equipment and software systems; provide excellent customer service and promote a positive work environment; understand and be sensitive to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds of vendors, district personnel and administrators;  maintain consistent, punctual and regular attendance.



The usual and customary methods of performing the job's functions require the following physical demands: occasional lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; and some fine finger dexterity.  Generally the job requires 10% sitting, 60% walking, and 30% standing.  The job is performed under with some temperature extremes and some hazardous conditions.

Education        High School diploma or equivalent.


Required Testing


Job-Related Proficiency Examination

Valid Driver’s License and Evidence of Insurability

Successful completion of the SB1626 Campus Security Safety Program

Valid First Aide/CPR certificate

Continuing Education/Training


As directed by changes in laws/policies, and determined by Supervisor.

Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance
TB Clearance
Pre-placement Physical Exam


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between California Teamsters Public, Professional & Medical Employees Union, Local 911 General Employees Unit and Palm Springs Unified School District.


FLSA Status

Bargaining Unit

Salary Range

BOE Approval Date

Non Exempt

Teams 2


August 25, 2015


Requirements for Applying

      Requirements for Applying

          An employee may request a transfer to a position in which they are currently probationary or regular. Please follow the directions located on the transfer application form to submit an application for this position.

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          Palm Springs Unified School District

          Application Deadline: 4/17/2014 3:30 PM Pacific

          An employee may request a transfer to a position in which they are currently probationary or regular. Please follow the directions located on the transfer application form to submit an application for this position.

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