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Full-Time Science Teacher - John Muir Charter School/INSPIRE WIA

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$40,000-50,000 per year depending on experience. Medical, dental and vision benefits are provided. This is a full time, non-traditional, year-round position. Teachers accrue vacation time to be determined at time of hire.
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$40,000-50,000 per year depending on experience. Medical, dental and vision benefits are provided. This is a full time, non-traditional, year-round position. Teachers accrue vacation time to be determined at time of hire.
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Full Time Science Teacher

John Muir Charter School/INSPIRE WIA

Los Angeles, Ca

John Muir Charter School and The Institute of Service Learning, Power and Intersectional Research (INSPIRE) are hiring a full-time teacher for Science in Watts/Los Angeles, Ca.

About John Muir Charter School

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools approved the John Muir Charter School (Muir) charter beginning in 1998.  Muir provides high school services exclusively to participants in YouthBuild, Job Corps, Local Conservation Corps, the California Conservation Corps and WIA programs. Each of these programs serves young adults, most of whom have had significant breaks in their high school education. All of these programs combine hands-on work experience, academic instruction, and individual and community service and development.


INSPIRE is a private non-profit that works to create equitable and reciprocal relationships between local universities and community-based organizations for the purpose of carrying-out community-centered, participatory action research, meaningful service-learning projects, and research-based educational programming. INSPIRE seeks to draw from the assets of Communities of Color to create and disseminate community-centered research directed and carried out by community members. Our goal is to initiate a viable and legitimate community driven research agenda that investigates important issues of interest to community members. As such, INSPIRE Academy, our high school, seeks educators interested in helping youth develop the necessary skills and awareness to carry out meaningful research about and for their community.


1.         Possess a valid California teaching credential (Science Single Subject or in some cases a Multiple Subject Credential will be considered).

2.         Ability to comprehend and adhere to Muir’s school charter and INSPIRE organizational structure to implement innovative educational programs.

3.         Familiarity with or willingness to learn and maintain computer skills necessary to meet job   requirements.

            4.         Ability to maintain positive working relationships throughout both organizations.

            5.         Teaching experience preferred within alternative education.

            6.         Creativity, flexibility, integrity and commitment.


Supervised by and reports directly to: JMCS Southern Regional, Deputy and Executive Directors; INSPIRE Executive Director.


Job Goal: To serve the students’ educational needs and goals towards attaining a high school diploma.



Performance Responsibilities:

The Teacher is required to adhere to a mutually agreed upon fiscal year work schedule on file with the Muir office. The Teacher is expected to work all regular student attendance days and to attend all in-services. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

1.         To complete and submit all required paperwork and documentation on each student as prescribed.

2.         To advise and counsel students regarding available educational opportunities.

3.         To communicate school information to the students.

4.         To evaluate student academic progress while on the grade and/or in other community based learning opportunities.

5.         To understand and abide by all Muir and INSPIRE policies and procedures.

6.         To safeguard and oversee the proper use of all Muir and INSPIRE property.

7.         To develop, deliver and improve individual, class and grade-based instruction and curriculums with the support, direction and guidance of Muir and INSPIRE administrative staff.

8.         To deliver direct instruction in a variety of appropriate settings.

9.         To attend all appropriate site staff meetings and events as well as meetings with the Southern Regional Director, Deputy Director and/or Muir Executive Director.

10.       Participate in INSPIRE-based student evaluation and disciplinary procedures.

11.       To maintain daily communications with Muir and INSPIRE staff as needed.

Paperwork and Documentation:

The Teacher completes or ensures that all paperwork and documentation is completed as required. Completed documentation must be submitted by specific due dates or housed on site as specified in this document, within the policies and procedures, the school charter or by the Muir Administration. The required documentation includes but is not limited to the following:

    Attendance Roll Sheets: must be sent to Muir office on a weekly basis as specified on the attendance roll sheet.
    Student Achievement Plan (SAP) Contracts: all paperwork completed and signed/initialed by teacher and student. Originals to be kept in student’s SAP.
    Graduation Request and Packet: originals must be submitted to Muir office.
    Report Cards: originals must be submitted to the Muir office, with a copy kept in the student’s site file.
    Student Folders: kept at the site and contains all required student work and documentation.

Advice, Counsel and Educational Support:

The Teacher is expected to serve students with widely varying educational needs. A broad base of educational knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of the educational opportunities available through Muir are required. This knowledge, which is constantly evolving, encompasses a high degree of competence in and the ability to deliver the following:

    Numerous Muir curricular options.
    Learning approaches, styles and the availability of appropriate resources.
    Graduation requirements and options.
    Internet resources.
    Techniques/methods of instruction.
    Interpretation of charter growth areas/standards.
    Community based learning experiences.
    Curriculum development and implementation.

  9.  Ongoing assessment, interpretation and implementation.

10.  Communicate with other Muir sites and test centers for availability/use of resources for INSPIRE students as needed.


The Teacher functions as the main liaison between Muir, INSPIRE, and the student. Communication from the teacher will occur through face-to-face interactions, telephone calls, on-line communication, and/or through other forms of writing with all involved parties. The Teacher’s goal is to provide the highest quality service in meeting the students’ educational needs without undue consideration for their own convenience and responsibilities.


Evaluation of Student Progress:

It is the responsibility of the Teacher, with input from the student and INSPIRE staff to document the daily learning of each student. This documentation will provide evidence of student proficiency in the Muir standards and the achievement of their individual graduation plans. Supportive documentation on the progress of each student is maintained in the individual student folders and tracked on the Muir report card system.

John Muir Charter School Policies and Procedures:

The Teacher is required to attend all in-services, events and meetings scheduled by the Southern Regional Director, Deputy Director and/or the Muir Executive Director. Teachers are required to remain current with and abide by the charter along with all adopted policies and procedures


Use of Computer Technology:

Each teacher is required to adhere to an appropriate and professional use of computers, the Internet and e-mail protocols. Additionally each teacher will be accomplished in the use of specified software programs and computer technology as needed to support student mastery of the Muir computer literacy standards; and the electronic submission of work related documentation.

Site Specific Requirements: Teacher, INSPIRE


    Oversee the daily school operations.
    Develop and maintain class schedules for INSPIRE students.
    Act as on-site liaison between Muir and INSPIRE Staff.
    Work and coordinate with other Muir/INSPIRE staff to incorporate practical academic learning experiences related to life skills, leadership, vocational training and other appropriate subjects.
    Monitor and maintain student compliance with INSPIRE program requirements.
    Assist the INSPIRE staff in providing supervision at INSPIRE school and training sites.
    May assist in identifying and organizing appropriate community service projects.
    Monitor and maintain member progress in the attainment of the GED and High School Diploma.
    Prepare daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans.
    Develop plans to provide well-rounded individualized and group instruction as appropriate.
    Identify and use appropriate tools to assess, document and report student periodic and final progress.
    Utilize a variety of appropriate instructional methods to address different learning styles.
    Review and recommend necessary and appropriate materials and equipment.
    Assess student need for and provide special tutoring as necessary.
    Assist in identification of outside resources related to education.
    Identify and provide opportunities in the classroom for members to demonstrate leadership skills.
    Participate in community service projects, attend retreats, workshops and conferences as required.
    Inform INSPIRE staff and management and other appropriate staff of student issues that affect student progress
    Review, evaluate, monitor, report and document student attendance and progress.
    Maintain individual confidential student educational files including work samples, lesson plans, educational progress, attendance sheets and educational service plans.
    Maintain student grades and grade book.
    Travel and participate in INSPIRE student activities
    Perform other duties as assigned.


The Muir Teacher is accountable for his/her relationships with students and must maintain a “teacher-student” relationship. The Muir Teacher should avoid situations that lead to fraternization and may affect either himself/herself or the student’s ability to perform their duties. The Muir Teacher or students who are in doubt about their activities should seek clarification from the Muir Deputy or Executive Director.

The following behavior is prohibited for Muir staff and violations may result in disciplinary action or termination:

• Using personal influence or power to aid or hinder students because of a personal relationship.

• Borrowing money, materials, or items of value from students, or otherwise using a students time for personal gain.

• Providing alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medication to students.

• Consuming alcohol with students.

• Engaging in sexual activity with students.

Code of Conduct

All Muir teachers at INSPIRE sites or events will:

1. Model civic pride and responsibility in their daily conduct and behavior and, at all times, present themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves and on Muir/INSPIRE.

2. Treat all persons with respect and courtesy and settle disputes in a non-violent/non-abusive manner, and show respect towards Muir staff and INSPIRE staff, and most importantly, Students.

3. Conduct themselves in such a manner so as to avoid harm to other persons.

4. Adhere to the rules and regulations of Muir and INSPIRE, the host facility, and all applicable city, state, and federal laws.

6. Be punctual for INSPIRE and Muir scheduled activities and service assignments.

8. Refrain from using profanity in all professional settings.

9. Dress appropriately for the current work setting and in a manner that proudly and positively represents Muir and INSPIRE.

10. Maintain appropriate personal hygiene.



Salary and Benefits

$40,000-50,000 per year depending on experience.  Medical, dental and vision benefits are provided.  This is a full time, non-traditional, year-round position.  Teachers accrue vacation time to be determined at time of hire.


To Apply

Please email a letter of application with salary history, resume, current valid California teaching credential, and two letters of recommendation to Alejandro Covarrubias, INSPIRE Executive Director at Candidates may also apply through EdJoin.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Requirements for Applying

      Requirements for Applying

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