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Teacher for the 2023-24 School Year at Walden Academy Charter School

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Until Filled

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Add'l Salary Info
$47,000-80,000 depending on experience plus ,medical, dental, vision insurance, additional insurance stipend, commute stipend, and 5 full days of paid days before the school year begins, 403b retirement plan. We offer a signing bonus!
Length of Work Year
185 Days
Employment Type
Full and Part Time
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Walden Academy Teacher

Welcome to Walden Academy.

We are a free, publicly funded charter school

in the small farming community of Willows, California.

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Walden Academy was formed by a group of parents and teachers who possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create something lasting for the benefit of Glenn County children.  It was the realization of a dream to create a vibrant educational experience that challenges children and motivates them to discover, strive for, and achieve their full personal potential.  Walden is committed to high academic and behavioral standards and a full partership between families, students and teachers.  Such a partnership inspires students to even greater heights.


Is Walden Academy for you?  Please read on to see if we are a good fit for you.

           ·          Walden Academy values the opinions and ideas of its teachers and staff members.

           ·          We seek to include teachers and staff, as well as all other stakeholders, in deciding the direction for our school.

           ·          Teachers and staff enjoy being an integral part of a small school, establishing relationships with families that may last a lifetime.

           ·          Walden Academy values the decision making power of all staff when making decisions about where and how our educational dollars are spent.

           ·          We embrace an educational environment where parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all help in and out of the classroom.


We are creative, hard-working, see the glass ½ full professionals who value making educational decisions that benefit children and don’t come from an administrator who hasn’t set foot in a classroom in more years than he/she can count.  The thoughtful education of children is what matters to us.  If it matters to you, then Walden will be a good fit for you.


•          All teachers receive a medical insurance stipend.  They may use it to purchase insurance on their own or through us.  If you don’t need insurance, then you keep the stipend.

•          Knowing that many of our teachers have a sizable commute, we offer a fuel stipend each month.

•          We believe a teacher’s time is valuable.  Our teachers are paid for 5 work days before the school year begins in order to get their rooms prepared, meet with staff members and participate in professional development.


If you have more questions, please feel free to phone one of our Leadership Team at 530-361-6480, or reach us by email at



. Walden Academy Teacher Job Description

All employees and volunteers at Walden Academy work together to fulfill the Walden Academy mission. The thoughts reflected in this description provide structure to the responsibilities for this position. However, Walden Academy expects to employ professionals who will work beyond job descriptions, creating both a fulfilling career environment and very successful outcomes for our students. 

The Elementary Teacher is responsible for the education of each pupil in his or her charge and for working with students, parents, other teachers and staff toward achieving the goals set forth in the Walden Academy Charter. The Elementary Teacher reports to the School Director. 



1. Responsible for conducting an organized and professional classroom:

• Develops and implements curriculum

• Teach reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, health, art, physical education and music to students, utilizing course of study adopted by the School, and other appropriate learning activities.

• Instruct students in citizenship, basic communication skills and other general elements of the course of study specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of the School. 

• Provide planned learning experiences in order to motivate students and effectively utilize the available time for instruction.

• Provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student.

• Perform basic attendance accounting, as required.

2. Develops with parents and students a cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and objectivity:

• Assesses student performance frequently and objectively

• Facilitates resolution of problems that might arise with students and parents

• Holds parent/student/teacher conferences

• Encourages parents to contribute to the classroom as volunteers

• Create, with assistance from students, a functional and attractive environment for learning through displays, bulletin boards and interest centers. 

3. Continues intellectual and professional development and pursues further education in primary academic discipline.

4. Follows policies established by the Walden Academy Board of Directors and State of California mandated school guidelines

5. Other duties as assigned.


• B.A. or B.S. required

• Teaching experience in a public or private setting preferred but not necessary; CLAD Credential

• Must meet the requirements of a Highly Qualified teacher as mandated by the No Child

Left Behind Act (NCLB)

• Demonstrated experience in the instruction of students with varied learning styles and levels of mastery

• Demonstrated experience in effectively solving challenging problems through a positive, collaborative approach

• Expert-level written and oral communication skills

• Knowledge of and commitment to Common Core curriculum

• Entrepreneurial outlook and charter school commitment

• Ability to assess grade level needs and plan and organize accordingly

• Strong self-starter; able to work with limited direction

• Ability to apply superb judgment

• Ability to effectively document classroom observations, analyze data to improve instructional practices and correspond with staff from all levels. 


 Walden Academy is looking for teachers who show…

• Dedication to putting in time, energy, and effort in developing the school’s program;

• Commitment to working with parents as educational partners;

• Willingness to become a learner as well as teacher/coach in the school;

• Knowledge or willingness to become knowledgeable about the developmental needs of our students;

• Sensitivity to social as well as academic needs of the students;

• Willingness and ability to plan cooperatively with other teachers;

• Willingness to be trained in the use of different curriculums and learning styles in the classroom;

• Willingness to take a leadership role in some aspect of the school’s development; and

• A strong knowledge of their personal strengths and weaknesses, and a willingness to continue education through additional courses and training, workshops, seminars, and staff development.

                       ·          This position must pass both a criminal background check and tuberculosis test. 


Walden Academy is a dynamic school subject to changing work environments, adaptation of new educational principles and values, and shifting culture. Adaptability to change is essential.


Requirements / Qualifications

Requirements / Qualifications

We are happy to consider Intern as well as fully credentialed candidates for this position. Letter of interest Two Letter(s) of Recommendation Resume Transcripts -unofficial

      We are happy to consider Intern as well as fully credentialed candidates for this position. Letter of interest Two Letter(s) of Recommendation Resume Transcripts -unofficial

          Comments and Other Information

          Please contact Amber Calonico at 530-361-6480 with any questions about these positions.

          Comments and Other Information

          Please contact Amber Calonico at 530-361-6480 with any questions about these positions.