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Elementary Principal, The Nativity School, Rancho Santa Fe

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12 mo
Full Time
3/22/2019 11:55 PM Pacific
Date Posted: 3/4/2019 Application Deadline: 3/22/2019 11:55 PM Pacific
Employment Type: Full Time Length of Work Year: 12 mo
Salary: TBD Number Openings: (At time of posting) 1
Contact: Anne Noya
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The principal of a Catholic School has the responsibility to provide leadership that enables a school “to realize the threefold purpose of Christian education – to teach doctrine, to build community and to serve…” This challenges the principal to be an effective leader and efficient administrator. The purpose of this job description is to support and assist the School Principal in meeting this challenge.

A School Principal has the responsibility to:

+       Implement the Philosophy of the School in its Regular Operations.

+       Administer the Total School Program.

+       Supervise and Evaluate:

  • Professional Personnel
  • Auxiliary Support Staff
  • Students

+       Provide Instructional Leadership.

+       Monitor the Financial Operations of the School.

+       Promote a Development Program for the School’s Financial Security.

IMPLEMENT THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE SCHOOL  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Review and refine the statement of the school’s philosophy, goals, and objectives annually with Pastor (where applicable), Faculty, and School Board/Parent Board.
  • Facilitate understanding and implementing of school philosophy among all members of the school community.

ADMINISTER THE TOTAL SCHOOL PROGRAM  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Work with Pastor (where applicable) and school personnel in coordinating efforts for building a faith community.
  • Organize and coordinate the activities and responsibilities of all school personnel: administrative, instructional, and custodial.
  • Implement school policies.
  • See that state laws pertaining to students, instruction, and maintenance of records are observed.
  • See that the regulations of police and fire department are observed.
  • Maintain records on staff, students, programs, and plant facilities as required by Diocese, State and Federal government.
  • Oversee preparation of reports required by the Diocese, State and Federal government.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the WCEA/WASC Self-Evaluation process.
  • Communicate with the Pastor (parish school) on school business and the school’s place in the parish and diocese.
  • Communicate with the Director of Schools (secondary and private schools) on school business and the school’s place in the diocese.
  • Give leadership and support to the local School Board/Parent Group/Parish Council.
  • Participate in Diocesan-sponsored meetings for principals.
  • Coordinate Government Programs.
  • Oversee the care, maintenance, and security of school buildings and facilities for the health, safety, and well-being of the students and teachers.


    Professional Personnel  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Recruit, employ and assign faculty in conjunction with the Director of Schools, and the Pastor of parish schools.
  • Provide a program of orientation and on-going support for teachers new to the school.
  • Provide opportunities for staff development to achieve the philosophy, goals, and objectives of Catholic School education.
  • Maintain a program for the supervision and assessment of teacher performance.
  • Provide vehicles of communication and support for teachers.
  • Conduct faculty/department meetings.
  • Keep school personnel knowledge of school law.
  • Keep teachers informed of available government, or other funded educational programs.
  • Employ qualified substitute teachers.
  • Follow diocesan policy regarding the renewal and termination of contracts, employee benefits, absences, and leaves.

   Auxiliary Support Staff  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Provide job descriptions, in-services, and evaluations for all auxiliary staff.
  • Oversee all after-school programs to ensure that paid or volunteer staff are trained, qualified, and informed of school policies, their responsibilities, and liabilities for those who participate in the program.

   Students  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Follow diocesan policy regarding admission of students.
  • Observe all regulations pertaining to school attendance.
  • Provide for the supervision of pupils on the school premises and during all school sponsored activities.
  • Support a system of discipline that is conducive to learning.
  • Implement diocesan policy regarding approved disciplinary measures and sanctions.
  • Monitor procedures for evaluating and reporting pupil progress to parents.
  • Obtain, maintain, and transfer pupil records according to diocesan policy.
  • Provide and oversee Student Personnel Services.

   Custodial Personnel  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Supervise the custodial staff in maintenance of the school plant and maintenance supplies.

PROVIDE INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Supervise curriculum development, instructional planning, and evaluation of learning. 
  • Provide for staff articulation of curriculum within the school.
  • Monitor the development of scope and sequence of curriculum within the total school program.
  • Select, with faculty consultation, the basic and supplementary instructional materials.
  • Coordinate the administration and follow-up of the required activities.
  • Schedule instructional programs in accordance with diocesan time allotments.
  • Coordinate remedial and enrichment programs, and related activities.
  • Coordinate government programs, including initial involvement and evaluation.
  • Follow the Diocesan schedule for evaluation of curricular areas and textbook/instructional materials selection.

MONITOR THE FINANCIAL OPERATIONS OF THE SCHOOL  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Consult with the Pastor (parish school) or Director of Schools (Secondary School) and appropriate persons, including Diocesan School Business Manager, in preparing the annual budget  and accounts for the financial operation of the school.
  • Fulfill all specified duties regarding fiscal affairs as directed by the Office for Schools.
  • Monitor fund-raising activities and accountability for monies collected for the support of the school.

PROMOTE A DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM  It is the principal’s responsibility to:

  • Collaborate with the Pastor (parish school), Director of Schools (Secondary School), and appropriate school personnel in a program for Development, Marketing and Recruitment.
  • Plan and coordinate the school’s public relations program.
  • Interpret to the parents and the community at large the philosophy, policies, religious and academic programs of the school.
  • Promote school participation in local civic community activities, especially the Christian service aspects of the religion program.


 Please attach a letter of introduction and resume.





Requirements for Applying

  • Letter of Introduction
  • Resume

Requirements for Applying

  • Letter of Introduction
  • Resume

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    Application Deadline: 3/22/2019 11:55 PM Pacific

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