Scholarship Prep - Santa Ana
Dance instructor

Position Overview

Under the direction of the site principal, the dance instructor is responsible for providing a sound dance program to teach the essential skills and knowledge of dance.  The dance instructor will provide high-quality instruction that encompasses multiple styles of dance, including modern, traditional styles, contemporary, hip-hop, etc.  Through the dance program, students will develop positive skills to support growth in body, mind, and spirit.  The instructor will support the mission of the school and nurture students to set and strive to achieve personal goals, cooperate with others, accept responsibility for their own choices and action, and ultimately, improve their physical and mental performance.


Looking to get in on the ground floor of an incredible opportunity in education? 

Scholarship Prep - Oceanside is seeking dynamic, engaging, and passionate difference-makers both in and out of the classroom for our student “Scholars” as we begin our inaugural year in Oceanside, California.

Our teachers must believe wholeheartedly that all students have the inherent ability to succeed. Moreover, they must be committed towards ensuring the school is a place where students, staff, and the community want to be in order to work collectively towards our mission and vision. 

About Scholarship Prep

Scholarship Prep is a free, public charter school aimed at establishing a sustainable education program where scholarship is the standard, diversity is treasured, and parents are partners in student achievement. 

Utilizing a university-inspired, college scholarship concept, our students will understand that by achieving academic, athletic, and/or arts excellence, a broader array of possibilities and options exist for future endeavors in higher education.  Ultimately, our goal is that EVERY student will one day receive a college scholarship, earn a degree, and give back to their community.

Our founders, former California Senator Gloria Romero and charter school developer Jason Watts, saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students and families in underserved communities by laying the foundation for students to succeed in college and career. The first Scholarship Prep school opened in 2016 in Orange County, California.

Their goal was to create not only a fun and engaging atmosphere for students and staff, but also a collegiate-inspired environment that will motivate all students to attend school and excel. Each classroom is not be identified by number.  Rather, students will be in UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, etc, further establishing a "college feel".  

Our Oceanside campus will open in August of 2017 and look to serve approximately 250 transitional kindergarten through eighth grade students and families.

Scholarship Prep will provide an enthusiastic and supportive environment for our staff, including dynamic leadership and professional development embedded within our work calendar.

Scholarship Prep’s instructional program is based on the tenets of academic rigor, student engagement, innovation, and creativity.  As a Project-Based Learning (PBL) modeled school, Scholarship Prep teachers will mix learning technologies and interactions resulting in a socially supportive, constructive learning experience. We will utilize digital content and instructional technology to create a unique classroom environment, which will allow students to grow as independent learners.

Position Details

As part of their duties and responsibilities, Scholarship Prep teachers:

  • Believe that all students have the inherent talents and abilities to be successful in college and career
  • Be part of a dynamic and inspirational team of educational leaders
  • Teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for our students to thrive in all academic pursuits
  • Utilize up-to-date educational research to plan, prepare, and implement lesson plans that incorporate a variety of instructional strategies and differentiate teaching based on the diverse and individual needs of all students
  • Model and teach the values of Scholarship Prep
  • Implement classroom management techniques to create a nurturing, safe, and structured learning classroom environment
  • Maintain high expectations for students’ academic achievement and conduct
  • Participate actively in all professional development sessions 
  • Build positive and trusting relationships with students, families, and community members
  • Communicate and collaborate professionally with teammates, parents, and the school community
  • Strive to exceed standards on California Standards of Teaching Profession

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Design and implement engaging instruction in small group or individual sessions that leads to skills development, physical fitness, academic success and forms that are consistent with the subject.
  • Analyze, demonstrate and explain basic skills, knowledge and strategies of movements consistent with the subject.
  • Evaluate each pupil’s growth in movement-based subject, keep appropriate records, and prepare progress reports and/or report cards consistent with requirements of the school.
  • Use various learning modalities to nurture students with a wide range of mental, physical and emotional skills.
  • Provide group instruction designed to meet individual needs and help students learn the fundamentals of movement in the subject.
  • Establish and maintain standards of student behavior to achieve effective participation in all activities.
  • Provide support to classroom teachers for/during school performances
  • Provide dance instruction that aligns to grade level/age level expectations and state standards
  • Communicate clearly with classroom teachers regarding student behaviors, needs, and instructional progress


$27/hr.  This position does not include benefits.


  • Knowledge of theories, methods, techniques, and strategies pertaining to teaching instruction
  • Possession of a Baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university is preferred