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About Us The Orange Unified School District serves approximately 28,000 students in grades kindergarten through 12th, and encompasses all or part of the cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Orange, Santa Ana, and Villa Park. In 1953, the citizens of the area voted to form a “unified” school district, combining the original five elementary districts with the high school district into one unified district, now known as the Orange Unified School District. The District has a long history of excellence that continues to grow and be enriched by the accomplishments of its students, teachers, staff and community. VISION - Our Commitment Inspiring our learners of today to be purposeful leaders of tomorrow. MISSION - Our Intention In partnership with our community, we will provide a safe, equitable, and innovative culture of learning for each scholar to have a competitive EDGE as a leader. CORE VALUES - Our Foundation * Integrity - We embrace a culture of ethical and transparent decision making and actions. * Equity - We promote inclusive and culturally relevant environments by supporting the social-emotional and intellectual needs of all. * Respect - We advocate for strong, compassionate relationships that appreciate the unique qualities of our diverse community. * Excellence - We strive for the highest standards in all endeavors by deliberately pursuing continuous growth and innovation.

Job Information

Date Posted: 9/11/2017 Application Deadline: Until Filled
Employment Type: Part Time Length of Work Year: 9.5 MONTHS/3.0 -3.75 HOURS PER DAY
Salary: Range 28 (Severely Disabled) $16.04- $20.53 Number Openings: (At time of posting) Not Specified
Contact: Linda Haase Email:
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Under immediate supervision, assists in conducting positive learning experiences for special education students, including physically disabled students, in assigned areas of study; performs a variety of clerical and supportive tasks for certified instructional personnel; learns and applies individual and general classroom and instructional procedures; oversees students and performs related work as required. This position is directly responsible to the Principal.

Positions in this class receive direct assignment, supervision, and training from certified instructional personnel and general orientation and training from the principal and through District-approved programs. Incumbents may assist in the instruction of special education students in English and a designated second language with emphasis on oral and written language skills. They assist in bringing stimulating, broadening, and creative experiences to the learning process; assist instructional personnel in bringing positive, intensive, and concentrated study and learning opportunities to individual students and assist in creating a proper classroom or learning environment. Incumbents are to be almost continuously present and responsible to provide for the basic self-care, emotional support and control, and rudimentary subject learning. The full responsibility for appropriate instruction, curriculum materials and evaluation resides with the instructional personnel. The general guideline is that the instructional assistant will be working with the students individually or in small groups. The individual activities and duties of this position may vary with such factors as grade level, teacher methods, subject area, project goals, and physical demands of students as well as the achievement levels, capabilities, emotional needs, and background of the students.

This position classification performs light work that involves sitting a portion of the time, may require lifting approximately fifty (50) pounds or more on occasion (e.g., lifting of students and equipment to implement toileting procedures or movement of students to/from wheelchair, stander, walker, etc.), pushing and/or pulling of objects, and walking and standing for extended periods.

Positions in this class require mobility to stand, stoop, reach and bend, and dexterity of hands to grasp and manipulate small objects.

This position may directly involve diapering and toileting of students. It may also involve the provision of specialized health care services such as providing specialized medical care (tube feeding, catheterization, glucose monitoring and injections) under direct/indirect supervision/ training of the school nurse.

This position requires accurate perceiving of sound, near and far vision, depth perception, handling and working with educational materials and objects, and providing oral information.

Observes and records behavior patterns and develops appropriate techniques to reinforce acceptable behavior; monitors administration of student testing and scores tests as directed; assists instructional personnel with the development and presentation of learning materials and instructional exercises; assists in training for functional life skills, domestic skills, community based instruction and prevocational/vocational skills; tutors students individually or in small groups to reinforce and follow-up learning activity; assists in the attainment of individualized student goals; observes and records information about student behavior; oversees and supervises students during classroom activities, in library and on field trips, recess and lunch breaks and/or during play or physical exercise; maintains discipline in the absence of the teacher; assists in training for personal hygiene, taking care of personal needs and developing basic self-sufficiencies; provides leadership and guidance; performs a variety of regular clerical duties, such as filing, typing or duplicating materials; maintains student records, attendance and files; operates a variety of instructional media, computers, office machines and equipment; participates in district inservice programs.

Maintains records of materials and equipment as directed; assists in identifying the learning needs of students, and confers with teacher about these needs; assists in instruction orally and in written form in English and a designated second language; provides an emotional and friendly attitude; assists in preparing displays and bulletin boards; assists in decorating the classroom.

Knowledge of:
• General concepts of child growth and development and child behavior characteristics.
• Techniques used in controlling, motivating, and tutoring students.
• English usage, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and math.
• Routine record keeping.
• General purposes and goals of public education.
• Specific subject area content as required in position assignment.
• Methods for effective cooperation with instructional staff and other adults.
• Safe working methods and procedures.

Ability to:
• Assume responsibility for the supervision of students.
• Lift and meet the physical demands of individual student needs.
• Learning and utilize basic methods and procedures to be followed in instructional setting and specialized health care as needed.
• Project a mature, constructive, stable and healthy attitude in the learning environment.
• Performs routine clerical work and basic arithmetical calculations.
• Demonstrate an understanding, patient warm and receptive attitude toward children.
• Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
• Maintain cooperative working relationships with students, staff, parents and the general public.
• Demonstrate proficiency in English and a designated second language, as needed, both oral and in writing.

Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and skill is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and skill would be:

• Education and Experience: Equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade is desirable; good general background and work history; some paid or volunteer experience working with children in an educational or child care setting; or any combination of training and experience that could likely provide the desired knowledge and abilities. Minimal typing and computer proficiency is desirable.

Incumbents are encouraged to participate in courses, seminars, and workshops in the area of instructional services, health care services, psychology, or guidance.

• Pass the District’s adopted Proficiency Examination with a satisfactory score of seventy percent (70%) or higher. (Education Code 45344.5)
• Incumbents are designated as “Child Care Custodians.” (Penal Code 11165.5)
• Sign language may be required in some positions. CPR training is desirable.
• If desired, must be proficient in English and a designated second language.

Requirements / Qualifications

Requirements / Qualifications

If you have NOT taken the IA test please call (714) 628-5522 to schedule an appointment. You must scan test in with your application. If you have already taken the test please state that on a paper and attach it.

  • Paraprofessional Testing (OUSD Paraprofessional Test only accepted.)

If you have NOT taken the IA test please call (714) 628-5522 to schedule an appointment. You must scan test in with your application. If you have already taken the test please state that on a paper and attach it.

  • Paraprofessional Testing (OUSD Paraprofessional Test only accepted.)


    Application Deadline

    Until Filled

    Date Posted



    Number of Openings

    Not Specified


    Range 28 (Severely Disabled) $16.04- $20.53

    Length of Work Year

    9.5 MONTHS/3.0 -3.75 HOURS PER DAY

    Employment Type

    Part Time