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Early Intervention - Special Services Assistant 30 hrs/wk Burton Valley Elementary, at Lafayette School District - California

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Job Information

Date Posted: 7/27/2022 Application Deadline: 8/19/2022 11:55 PM Pacific
Employment Type: Part Time Length of Work Year: 30 hours per week
Salary: Classified Salary Schedule -18.83 to 21.05 - 5 step range Number Openings: (At time of posting) 2
Contact: Greg Barnes Email: gbarnes@lafsd.org

Job Summary

Job Summary

ability to work one-on-one or in groups with special needs students.

Job Description / Essential Elements: Print   
LAFAYETTE SCHOOL DISTRICT JOB DESCRIPTION SPECIAL SERVICES ASSISTANT DEFINITION: A part-time position under the direction of the credentialed special education staff and/or classroom teacher to perform a variety of tasks which assist the teacher in the performance of their duties; assist in managing and directing student behavior; assist in providing a safe, pleasant, professional and educational atmosphere. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: · Provide instruction, under the supervision of credentialed staff, of small groups and individual students in the special education or general education setting. · Perform instructional related activities such as correcting tests and homework, preparing instructional materials for general and special needs, assisting the teacher in specialized demonstrations. · Perform generalized activities such as maintaining and organizing student records, organizing classroom materials, preparing student work areas. · Assist in collection of records and data. · Monitor and assist students through classroom activities following presentation of instructional materials by the teacher. · Assist teacher in maintaining classroom management. · Assist teacher or authorized staff person in the supervision of students for periods of time inside and outside the classroom and during community-based instruction, academic and non-academic setting, e.g., lunchroom, bus ride, music, art, physical education, applied arts, etc. · Assist with implementation of positive behavior management strategies and interventions in accordance with established guidelines. · Perform a variety of clerical duties as required. · Performs duties relating to a student’s specific disability, as may be assigned. · Assist student(s) in a wheelchair, with a walker or on crutches with mobility and structural adaptations (open doors, move desks, identify or move ramps, etc.) and lifting, supporting, loading, pushing, steering, and positioning in wheelchair. · Assist student(s) with the use of specialized equipment and modification of regular equipment, i.e., communication board, computer use, etc. · Assist students with special physical needs with personal hygiene requirements (bathroom assistance, diapering, etc.), eating requirements, washing hands, etc., when necessary. · May need to provide life sustaining procedures (with training) as identified in the assigned student’s IEP, 504 plan, or specialized health care plan, and may need to provide specialized health care which includes, but is not limited to, specialized feeding, dispensing medication, tracheotomy, catheterization, tube suctioning, etc. · Assist in instruction to develop self-help skills, life skills, and ability to do tasks independently. · Participate in training as required. · Other duties as assigned. ABILITY TO: · Learn and utilize basic methods & procedures to be followed in instructional settings. · Work effectively with children with special needs. · Communicate satisfactorily in oral and written form. · Assist with communication of student information to school staff. · Understand and carry out oral and written instructions. · Maintain calm and patience in stressful situations. · Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of student information. · Work under specific direction. · Establish and maintain cooperative and effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties. · Relate to children in a warm supportive manner. · Organize and implement planned activities with supervision. · Operate basic office equipment. · Sit, stand, walk, lift objects of weight up to 50 lbs., push, pull, drag and grasp objects. EXPERIENCE: · Familiarity with MAC and PC operating systems. · At least one year of experience working, individually or in small groups, with children in an organized setting. · Previous work with children with special needs desirable. · Computer experience on both MAC and PC desirable. EDUCATION: · A.A Degree or equivalent (48 units beyond high school) for NCLB compliance. · Valid California Motor Vehicle License.

Requirements / Qualifications

Requirements / Qualifications


Completed Ed Join application Resume


Completed Ed Join application Resume

      Comments and Other Information

      Ability to work effectively one on one or with small groups of special needs students. Fingerprint and TB clearance will be required as condition of employment.


      Application Deadline

      8/19/2022 11:55 PM Pacific

      Date Posted



      Number of Openings



      Classified Salary Schedule -18.83 to 21.05 - 5 step range

      Length of Work Year

      30 hours per week

      Employment Type

      Part Time