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Counselor (.80 FTE) - Middle School at Lafayette School District - California

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Job Information

Date Posted: 7/3/2019 Application Deadline: 7/22/2019 11:55 PM Pacific
Employment Type: Part Time Length of Work Year: 186-189
Salary: Per Certificated Salary Schedule Number Openings: (At time of posting) 1
Contact: Betsy Balmat Email: bbalmat@lafsd.org
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SCHOOL COUNSELOR Brief Description of Position · Evaluates, provides, recommends and executes plans for pupils whose social, academic and emotional problems prevent them from profiting to the maximum of their abilities in school situations. Major Duties and Responsibilities · Counsels with pupils and parents of pupils who exhibit academic, social or emotional problems which adversely affect optimum educational development. · Plans jointly with administrators, teachers, counselors, and other appropriate district staff members for educational programming for the referred pupils. · Recommends and arranges placements for pupils in specialized district programs in consultation with principals of schools concerned, parents and directors of special district programs. · Advises regarding pupil exemptions, suspensions, expulsions, and reinstatements. · Investigates and implements district policy in emergency situations involving pupils (suicide threats, battered children, sex offenses, pregnancies, narcotics and assaults) which occur or are discovered in school setting, acting upon request of school administrators and working with parents legal authorities, medical doctors and others concerned. · Collaborates with law enforcement, mental health and family service agencies in cooperatively attempting to remedy problems involving pupils. · Performs other appropriate duties as assigned. · Participates cooperatively with the principal or his designee to mutually develop the system by which he will be evaluated in conformance with the district’s uniform guidelines for evaluation and assessment. · Provides counseling and guidance services to students as needed. Other Duties and Responsibilities · Keeps case records and provides summaries or written referrals to appropriate agencies. · Keeps well informed on regulations and laws dealing with youth and on current policies and procedures of all community mental health and social agencies. · Interprets school program and Guidance Services Department functions to individuals and community groups as requested. Adjunct Duties For the purposes of evaluation and assessment of certificated personnel, adjunct duties shall be limited to those responsibilities for the discharge of which the district is unable to provide other personnel. Such responsibilities shall be agreed upon in advance of their utilization in any assessment process.

Requirements / Qualifications

Requirements / Qualifications

Pupil Personnel Services Credential with authorization in School Counseling

Cover letter, resume, application, 3 letters of recommendation

      Pupil Personnel Services Credential with authorization in School Counseling

      Cover letter, resume, application, 3 letters of recommendation


          Application Deadline

          7/22/2019 11:55 PM Pacific

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          Per Certificated Salary Schedule

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          Part Time