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K-8 Vice Principal at The Academies CMO (Sycamore Valley Academy, Blue Oak Academy)

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About the Employer

TK-8 Public Charter Schools Our schools offer a site-based, academically accelerated instructional program with multi-age grouping, differentiation, project-based learning (“PBL”), gifted education for all students, development of scholarly habits of mind, enriched curriculum (including Spanish language, hands-on science, service-learning, and arts instruction), social and emotional learning (“SEL”), authentic assessment, mastery orientation, and collaboration in the whole school community. We support the individual needs of all students, including those who have the desire to work ahead or work deeper in their studies and those who need extra supports to succeed. Our constructivist educational philosophy and program for gifted learners make our schools unique in the area. The MISSION of The Academies is to provide a rich, meaningful education in a nurturing environment, where students are continually challenged and their natural curiosity, creativity, and talents can thrive. We are a collaborative community of educators and families working together to help our students grow into virtuous, courageous, and intelligent citizens, equipped with a love of learning and a love of life, and eager to contribute to a better world. Our VISION: The Academies’ charter schools model transformative change in education by elevating expectations of learning and growth. With grit, tenacity, and empathy, we improve the world around us by embracing challenges as problem-solvers. We create an inclusive community with access to rigorous and enriching educational experiences that challenge and support individuals to achieve their personal best and realize new opportunities.

Job Information

Date Posted: 12/20/2018 Application Deadline: 2/8/2019 11:55 PM Pacific
Employment Type: Full Time Length of Work Year: 225
Salary: See salary schedule on school website: OR Number Openings: (At time of posting) 1
Contact: TACMO Admin Email:
Phone: 559-730-7422
Start Date: July 1, 2019
Job Description / Essential Elements: Print   

Vice Principal


Job Title:  Vice Principal


Job Purpose:

The Vice Principal is a supervisor to the instructional and non-instructional staff in the Charter School’s day-to-day functions. The Vice Principal is an instructional leader at the Charter School and shall assist in the facilitation of the instructional program as outlined in the “Educational Philosophy and Instructional Program” sections of the School’s charter. This individual interacts with parents/guardians, students, and the public frequently, and must reflect the values and the mission of the school at all times.  The Vice Principal contributes his/her talents to support an excellent school program and positive school culture at The Academies CMO.


Team Relationship:

The Vice Principal is directly responsible to the Principal and works closely with The Academies CMO administrative staff and school site staff.  The Vice Principal has supervisory duties as indicated in The Academies CMO Organizational Chart.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Supervises, counsels, and disciplines students; intervenes in occurrences of inappropriate behavior of students for the purpose of assisting students in modifying such behavior and developing successful interpersonal skills.
  • Enforces school rules and policies and implements the suspension and expulsion process as necessary.
  • Monitors the safety and security of the campus and/or directs and coordinates teacher or support staff to ensure supervision of all coverage areas.
  • Analyzes trends in student performance data for the purposes of planning staff development, evaluation of program and teacher effectiveness, and selection of instructional materials or resources needed.
  • Engages in strategic planning of the school, including plans for staffing and facility needs, and enrollment growth.
  • Contributes to effective organizational management so that Charter School maintains legal compliance and an effective academic program, including maintenance of important school records, as well as evaluation and improvement of school-wide systems for maximum programmatic benefit.
  • Aides in fundraising efforts of the Charter School.
  • Develops schedules to meet program goals with financial efficiency and maximal use of staff talent.
  • Helps the school select highly qualified individuals for hire via participation in the hiring process.
  • Observes and evaluates teacher performance.
  • Supports teacher professional development and locates resources for staff development or training as needed.
  • Maintains school compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, The Academies CMO Board policies, and authorizer reporting via review, record-keeping, and timely communication with staff.
  • Assists in the development and facilitation of student recruitment and marketing plans to ensure viability of the school and to achieve demographic diversity as described in our charter.
  • Communicates effectively with members of the community, and with all stakeholders at the Charter School: the staff, the students, the parents, The Academies CMO Board, and VUSD staff and/or VUSD Board members. 
  • Takes responsible steps to secure full and regular attendance at school of the students enrolled in accordance with policies established by the Board of Directors.
  • Makes arrangements for the use of qualified substitute teachers, as needed.
  • Promotes and publishes the Charter School in the community, promotes positive public relations, and interacts effectively with media.
  • Contributes to the preparation of the Charter School board materials, attends monthly board meetings, and makes reports to the board as needed.
  • Maintains positive relations with the charter authorizer and other agencies.
  • Participates in IEP meetings as necessary.
  • Participates in professional development workshops and training as needed.
  • Acts as Principal in the absence of the Principal.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Job Qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s degree. (required)
  • MA or equivalent. (desirable)
  • California Administrative and Teaching Credential. (desirable)



  • Teaching experience. (desirable)
  • Administrative experience. (desirable)
  • Charter school experience. (desirable)


Skills, Knowledge, and/or Abilities Required

  • Excellent communication and community-building skills.
  • A proactive and effective approach to student discipline aligned with the school’s discipline policies.
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with curriculum and teacher development.
  • Belief in The Academies CMO’s educational philosophy and program elements, including commitment to the Mission of The Academies CMO and gifted education advocacy.
  • A thorough knowledge of special education needs and issues.
  • Strong leadership capabilities, including entrepreneurial and strategic vision.
  • Caring for students and their success in learning: a deep commitment to student achievement.
  • Strong instructional leadership and a positive role model for staff and students.
  • Knowledge of educational psychology, learning theories, and developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Creative-thinking and ability to prioritize and understand the “big picture” while moving the school/staff forward incrementally.
  • Commitment to excellence and ongoing professional growth.
  • Effective conflict resolution skills: ability to diffuse strong emotions with empathetic and measured responses or actions that are grounded in school policy and philosophy.
  • Integrity in all dealings with the school community; is respectful, thoughtful, decisive, principled, honest, and consistent/fair.
  • Recognition and acceptance of his/her responsibility for the success of The Academies CMO as an entity, as well as the success of individual students, and flexibility, resourcefulness, and commitment to both.
  • Ability to follow established procedures in an emergency situation.


The Academies CMO Board will consider candidates for the Vice Principal position based upon a combination of education/certifications, experience, skills, knowledge and/or abilities, and mission fit.


Requirements / Qualifications

Requirements / Qualifications

Target Success Sketch (appears after submitting application) Cover letter Resume 3 letters of recommendation: 1 of these from a parent perspective

      Target Success Sketch (appears after submitting application) Cover letter Resume 3 letters of recommendation: 1 of these from a parent perspective


          Application Deadline

          2/8/2019 11:55 PM Pacific

          Date Posted



          TACMO Admin

          Number of Openings



          See salary schedule on school website: OR

          Length of Work Year


          Employment Type

          Full Time

          Start Date:

          July 1, 2019