Certificated Job Descriptions / Essential Elements for Mt. Diablo Unified

Administrator of Equity and Disproportionality Literacy Coordinator
Administrator Special Education Literacy/Coach/Specialist (Teacher on Special Assignment)
Administrator, After School Services Job Announcement 07/06/07 Math/Science Core Teacher - Pregnant & Parenting Teens Program
Administrator, Afterschool Services Math/Science Teacher Necessary Small High School
Administrator, Coordinated School Support 10/9/07 Meadow Homes Dual Immersion Teacher
Administrator, Small Necessary High School 7/3/07 Middle School Band Teacher
Administrator, Special Education-SDC Middle School Principal 8/28/07
Administrator, Special Education/Dispute Resolution Middle School Student Services Coordinator
Adminstrator, Coordinated School Support Middle School Vice Principal 07/25/07
Adminstrator, Coordinated School Support for English Learners Mt. Diablo High School Teachers
Adult Education Program Coordinator Mt. Diablo High School Tutoring Program
Adult Education Teacher for the Adults with Acquired Brain Injury "On Track" Program Necessary Small High School - Gateway
Adults With Disabilities Program Coordinator 07/24/07 Necessary Small High School Teacher
After School CARES Program Intervention Teacher Necessary Small High School-Summit
After School CARES Teacher Leader Northgate Teachers - Biology, English, Library Needed
After School Intervention Program Teacher Youth Tutoring Project Olympic Continuation High School Math Teacher
Agricultural Vocational Teacher Olympic Continuation HS Literacy Coach/Teacher
Alliance High School Teachers Olympic HS Special Education Mild to Moderate and/or Reading Specialist
Alternative HS English or Social Studies Teacher Peer Coach
Alternative Teacher Physical Education Teacher
Art Teacher Physical Education Teacher - Elementary
Athletic Director Physical Education Teacher - Middle/High
Augmentative/Alternative Communication Specialist 3715 Principal, Continuation School 2007-2008
Autistic Spectrum Teacher Principal, Middle School
band director Program Specialist
Behavior Health Specialist I Program Specialist
Behavioral Heath Specialist II Program Specialist - Categorical Programs (BTSA)
Behaviorist Program Manager Program Specialist - Special Education
bilingual teacher Program Specialist, Educational Technology
Biology Teacher Program Specialist-Categoricals
CAHSEE Coordinator ESY 2010 Program Specialist/Extended Year Coordinator, Special Education
Cares Coach Reading First Literacy Coach
CARES Coordinator Reading First Teacher
CARES Recreation Spec. Resource Specialist - Continuation High School
CERT ADMIN ESY Summer School Vice Principal Resource Specialist - High School
CERT ADMIN - Summer School Administrative Positions Resource Specialist - Middle School
CERT ADMIN Administrator, Coordinated School Support for English Learners Resource Specialist - Northgate
CERT ADMIN Administrator, Related Services Resource Specialist 8/30/07
CERT ADMIN Assistant Director Student Services/Special Education Resource Teacher
CERT ADMIN Assistant Director, Curriculum & Instruction School Counselor
CERT ADMIN Assistant Superintendent 05212014 School Nurse 022608
CERT ADMIN Director of English Learner Services School Psychologist
CERT ADMIN Director of Personnel 05282014 Severely Handicapped Special Day Class Teacher-Preschool
CERT ADMIN Director Special Education 05282014 Shadelands Preschool Teacher 8/31/07
CERT ADMIN ESY Summer School Principal Shadelands SH Preschool Class
CERT ADMIN Executive Director of Instructional Support sign language teacher
CERT ADMIN School Support Administrator Social Work Specialist (under Equity Admin)
CERT ADMIN Vice Principal High & Middle Social Work Specialist 081409
CERT ADMIN Vice Principal High and Middle Schools Spanish Teacher
CERT Teacher in Special Day Class and Centers/Schools, Special Education 3700 Special Day Class
Classroom Teacher 022608 Special Day Class - Autistic Spectrum Grades 3 - 5
Clinical Audiologist Special Day Class - Counseling Enriched Program
Coach-Literacy .60FTE and Teacher, English .40FTE Special Day Class - Severely Handicapped
Coach/Specialist (Teacher on Special Assignment) 8/8/07 Special Day Class - Severely Handicapped Bridge Program
Coach/Specialist TSA -Technology/Data Special Day Class - Sunrise School
Continuation High School Teacher – Math/Science Special Day Class - Sunrise School - Dual Diagnosis
Coordinator, Student Services 6-8 Special Day Class - Teacher of Children with Autism Pre-K/ Kindergarten
Coordinator, Student/Community Services 9-12 Special Day Class - Teacher of Autistic Pre-K/1
CSCS 9-12 and CSS 6-8 Eligibility Pool Description 02/17/08 Special Day Class Teacher - Learning Handicapped
Curriculum Specialist 08/22/07 Special Education - Program Specialist
Curriculum Specialist-K-5 Language Arts Special Education Teacher at Olympic
Day to Day Substitute Teacher Special Education Teacher for Alternative Education
Director, Alternative Education Special Education Teachers 022908
Director, Student Services Special Education Teachers K-12
Early Childhood Inclusion Facilitator Special Education- Collaborative model
Elementary School Principal 08/28/07 Speech, Hearing and Language Pathologist 022608
Elementary School Traveling Music Teacher Speech-Language Pathologist - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Elementary School Vice Principal 07/25/07 Summer School Special Ed Teacher
ESL Itinerant Teacher - Elementary - Spanish Preferred Sunrise Special Education Teachers 7/16/07
Gateway High School Teacher teacher
High School Biology Teacher - Community Day School
High School English Language Development Teacher Teacher - Resource Specialist, Special Education 022608
High School Industrial Arts Teacher Teacher Necessary Small High School
High School Math Teacher Teacher of the Deaf
High School Principal Teacher, Elementary English Learner Support
High School Science Teacher, Secondary English Learner Support
HIgh School Spanish Teacher Teacher, Special Education, Adapted Physical Education Program
High School Vice Principal 10/9/07 Teacher, Special Education- Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Home Ecomonics Teacher Teacher, Special Education-Special Day Class and Centers/Schools 012111
Inclusion Facilitator Teacher- Mental Health Collaborative
Inclusion Facilitator for Special Education Teachers on Special Assignment
Independent Study Teacher at Horizons School 7/12/07 Tech/Media/Math
Industrial Arts Teacher Title 1 Teacher
Instructional Program Specialist-Categorical Programs, Site Based Transitional Learning Center Teacher
Instrumental Music Teacher 7/16/07 Traveling English as a Second Language (ESL)/Bilingual Education Teacher
Intervention and Instructional Support Teacher Valle Verde Elementary Teacher
Learning Center Coordinator Vice Principal - Continuation High School
librarian Vocal Music Teacher 7/5/07
Librarian - Secondary & Elementary 022608 Wood Technology/Photography
Librarian - Secondary 022808 Woodside Elementary AAC Teacher 10/8/07
Librarian- Elementary 022808 Work Experience Education Teacher for Alternative Education 7/12/07


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