Napa County Office Of Education
Grant Center Contract Assistant
Barbara Nemko, Ph.D., Superintendent

September 11, 2008

POSITION: Grant Center Contract Assistant
There are two full-time Grant Center Contract Assistant positions available.
These positions are sponsored by a variety of grants and employment is dependent upon continual grant funding.
STARTING DATE: Immediately
SALARY: $15.16 to $20.39 per hour, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.
BENEFITS: Medical and dental benefits for employee and dependents.

Under the supervision of a Grant Manager and in support of grant coordinators, this position will be responsible for various detailed pre and post-award financial and administrative functions including proposal development, grant financial reporting, financial compliance, grant setup, and budget maintenance. Work performed will require knowledge of grant accounting rules, applicable federal, state and local regulations and NCOE policies. The position works with NCOE grant center management and business office staff to ensure receipt of grant revenue, track grant expenditures, implement cost transfers and budget adjustment requests to ensure compliance with all federal, state and private sponsor's regulatory and documentation requirements. The position also processes purchasing order and facilitates the subcontracting process. When necessary the position reviews completed projects to ensure all closing budget expenditures are appropriate.
If assigned to pre-award activity, the position will work with the development coordinator to assist in the preparation of documents supporting the development of grants and proposals for funding. The position will work with the development coordinator and assigned evaluation staff to analyze and assemble appropriate grant related data. The position will also search grant databases for potential future awards and will assist with the development of support letters and other items essential to successful grantsmanship.

Strong accounting skills
Familiarity with Microsoft programs including Word and Outlook
Must be Proficient in Excel program
Effective communication skills
Ability to create and maintain organized file system
Ability to be flexible and to multi-task with interruptions
Must be organized and detail oriented
Type 35 wpm – Must be able to type accurately and provide a Typing Certificate from an accredited agency as well as pass a general clerical test given by the Napa County Office of Education.
The Napa County Office of Education will accept Typing Certificates from an accredited school or any other agency if the following requirements are met: Certificate must state that the test was 5 minutes in length; the number of gross words per minute; and the number of errors, and certificates must be less than 1 year old. Net words per minute constitutes total gross words per minute minus 2 points for each error.
Where to go for a typing certificate:
· Alkar Personnel Services, 3273 Claremont Street, Napa 94558; (707) 224-5468
· Nelson Personnel Services, 513 Lincoln Avenue, Napa 94558; (707) 255-7438
· Napa Valley Adult School, 1600 Lincoln Avenue, Napa 94558; (707) 253-3414
· Ben Staffing, 879 Redwood Street, Vallejo 94590; (707) 553-7800
Above agencies require appointments and charge a $10.00 fee.

Knowledge of HP 3000 system
Knowledge of Financial 2000 system
Ability to take notes at meetings and produce minutes
Familiarity with Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS)
Experience researching or using local data
Experience with the pre and/or post award administration of grants and contracts.
Experience in fundraising or program development
Familiarity with state and federal regulations regarding contract monitoring and compliance.
Experience with pre and/or post award administration of grants and contracts
Ability to:
• Provides financial and administrative support to the NCOE grant center including monitoring award expenditures to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations as well as NCOE policies and procedures. Prepare monthly expenditure reports to program coordinators and director.
• Review grant terms and complex contracts and advise grant coordinators and department administrative personnel on issues that may impact the fiscal administration of a project. Assist with mandatory state and federal reports.
• Set-up accounts using appropriate software and prepare budget entries, and journal entries and correct improperly placed expenses and make adjustments which provide an auditable trail of transactions
• Review for allowable costs, potential budget adjustment, cost-sharing, equipment justifications, and reporting requirements and consult with the appropriate grant center managers regarding action, if any, to be taken.
• Reviews spending activities for grant accounts and works with senior management and discuss any award spending that appears to be out of conformance with policies and/or regulatory requirements.
• Assist with the administration of time and effort tracking systems which includes distributing, monitoring, and tracking of forms for compliance.
• Creating and maintaining grant files that meet legal, auditing and NCOE requirements.
• Effectively interact with program providers and provide assistance with requirements including expenditure, attendance and evaluation reporting requirements. This may require contact with providers to ensure timely invoicing.
• Effectively interact with program director, meet monthly with grant coordinators and provide support as needed
• Assist with grant development and preparation including drafting and editing proposals, letters and other materials
• Assist with the development and implementation of annual fund raising plan and monitor goals
• Use technology to research data, programs and potential funders
• Assume other duties as assigned.

PROCEDURE: Complete the application form, attach a personal resume, submit a narrative statement describing qualifications for this position, and have three letters of recommendation sent to the Director of Human Resources at the Napa County Office of Education, 2121 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA 94559. Phone: (707) 253-6860, FAX (707) 253-3357.
Applications may be obtained from the Human Resources Department or you may apply on-line at

DEADLINE: September 25, 2008

Napa County Office of Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer. State and federal law and Napa County Office of Education policy prohibit discrimination or sexual harassment toward students or staff during any educational activity. Napa County Office of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, age, or handicap in its educational programs, activities, or the employment practices as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the Educational Amendments, the Age Discrimination Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Vocational; Educational Act. For information concerning the complaint procedure, call (707) 253-6824.
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