Salida Union School District
Head Start Family Service Worker


DEFINITION: Under general supervision the site supervisor to work with parents to accomplish the parent education and parent participation objectives of the Head Start and/or State Preschool Program

1. Recruit children/families, interview applicants, complete applications, and maintain site waiting list data as required.
2. Register new enrollees, e.g. complete intake forms, provide program information to parents and assist teachers in orienting parents to program requirements.
3. Implement provision of social services to families, e.g. assess family needs and developing an individual family plan, monitor and update ongoing family plans, assist parents in making contact with appropriate community resources and provide information on community resources to families.
4. Evaluate parent interest and needs and develop and implement a plan of parent education activities and special parent events based on this assessment.
5. Encourage and recruit parents to participate in various program activities and coordinate parent participation in program activities such as classroom volunteers, field trips, parent volunteer recognition programs, and special school events.
6. Plan, schedule and conduct parent education programs and committee meetings.
7. Make home visits and/or telephone calls as needed to maintain communication with parents regarding attendance, school program, services and activities.
8. Promote parent and community involvement and positive public relations for programs and services and serve as a resource person to human service agencies, including health, social service and education.
9. Serve on site-based student/family service groups as needed.
10. Complete reports and maintain records in an efficient and effective manner.
11. Participate in staff development activities as assigned.
12. Effectively communicate and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
13. Perform other related duties as assigned.

• Ability to plan and implement parent education and parent participation in activities.
• Ability to understand and implement oral and written direction in English.
• Ability to speak and write effectively in English.
• Ability to compose clear, complete and concise reports independently using correct grammar and punctuation.
• Ability to work effectively and efficiently without close supervision.
• Ability to make effective oral and written presentations.
• Ability to implement tasks with a minimum of direct supervision.
• Knowledge of community social services agencies.
• Knowledge of early childhood education.
• Knowledge of diverse cultures and life styles.
• Ability to communicate fluently in designated language and in English.

• Valid California Driver’s license. Employee must use personal vehicle during the course of work.

Physical Demands:
The physical requirements indicated below are examples of the physical aspects that this position classification must perform in carrying out essential job functions.
• Sufficient vision to read small print.
• Sufficient depth perception to file documents.
• Sufficient hearing to hear normal and telephone conversations.
• Ability to speak in and understand voice with sufficient volume to be heard at a normal conversation distance and on the telephone.
• Sufficient dexterity to manipulate small objects, print or write legibly, operate telephone, use of computer keyboard, typewriter and other business machines
• Sufficient physical ability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time.

• Two years experience working with children and families.
• High school graduate.
• AA in Human Services/Social Services desirable.

Applications available on The information provided on the application form will be used as the basis for determining whether applicants meet education, training and experience requirements for the position. A competitive screening process may be used to determine who will participate in the selection process; therefore, applicants should carefully identify and describe all information relating to their qualifications for the position. (Meeting the minimum qualifications for a position does not assure the candidate of an interview).
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