Visalia Unified School District
Cafeteria Worker Substitute

Section: Nutritional Services Department


Under supervision of the Student Nutrition Services Manager, and Kitchen Supervisor, as assigned, assist in all phases of kitchen operations.

Typical Duties:
1. Prepare the main entrees, vegetables, salads, salad dressing, breads and desserts, utilizing recipes and menus prepared by the NSD staff;
2. Estimate needed ingredients and the time required for preparation;
3. Requisition supplies in accordance with prescribed procedures;
4. Display foods for service to students and faculty;
5. Fill dispensing machines;
6. Receive, inspect, wrap, and store food supplies and materials;
7. Assist in inventory control;
8. May operate a serving site;
9. Maintain daily records and prepare reports as required;
10. Prepare banquet and catering type foods;
11. May assists in the training of food service personnel and student assistants;
12. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Personal Characteristics:
Should possess the personal characteristics generally recognized as essential for public employees, including integrity, initiative, emotional maturity, dependability, courtesy, good judgment, and ability to work cooperatively with others.

Position Qualifications:
Knowledge of:
Methods, procedures and techniques for preparing, serving and selling foods in large quantities, care and use of standard food service appliances and equipment; arithmetical calculations and measurements, record keeping and report procedures; sanitation and safety laws and practices; Federal and State school lunch and breakfast nutritional requirements.

Ability to:
Establish and maintain harmonious relations with school staff, students, parents and community; understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

At least one year of experience in the last five years in quantity food preparation, including baking, cooking, salad preparation and serving; knowledge of sanitation, and maintenance in a food service facility.

High school diploma or the equivalent.

License/Certificate Requirement:
Valid California Driver License. Food Handler/ServSafe Certificate required.

Physical Abilities/Environment:
The following guidelines are used in describing the frequency of activities in this position: OCCASIONALLY = 1% - 33 %, FREQUENTLY = 34% - 66%, CONTINUOUSLY = 67% - 100 % of a typical workday.

Standing/Walking: Required to stand or stand/walk in combination continuously throughout the workday. Standing/walking may be performed in combination with reaching, torso rotation, stooping/bending, and lifting/carrying.

Sitting: Sit occasionally while operating a vehicle commuting to and from school sites on an as needed basis, and while doing paperwork and ordering.

Bending: Will bend frequently throughout the workday. Bending can be slight while standing at the worktable preparing foods or up to 90 degree angle while retrieving or replacing pans to storage shelves, transport carts, or ovens. Bending may be performed in combination with lifting and torso rotation or while checking ovens during baking and while cleaning the large steam kettles and washing dishes.

Squatting/Kneeling: Will squat or kneel occasionally during the day. Squatting or kneeling may be performed in lieu of bending at employees' discretion to complete cleaning tasks and to retrieve items which fall on the floor.

Lifting/Carrying: Will frequently lift/carry throughout the workday. Items lifted range from one ounce to a maximum of 25 pounds. While preparing, portioning (for packout) and serving of food, the employee would be required to lift/carry stainless steel pans filled with food. The employee will be doing team-lifting (lifting with help from a co-worker) and using a cart for carrying items which weigh more than 25 pounds, such as: cheese blocks and bags of flour. The lift/carry may be performed in combination with a torso rotation and bending.

Climbing: Will occasionally climb using a step stool.

Pushing/Pulling: Will frequently use light force to push/pull food items and utensils during food preparation. Light force may also be required while opening and closing oven and refrigerator/freezer doors. May push/pull while washing pans. Medium force is required during the workday to move empty and full transport carts and three-tier utility carts.

Reaching: Will frequently reach directly in front of body from knee level to slightly above shoulder height. Able to reach in all directions including occasionally over the head. Occasionally the employee will be required to reach from ground level to knee height. Reaching may occasionally be done at up to 90 degree torso rotation to either side and in combination with bending, lifting/carrying, grasping, squatting. Reaching will be needed for placing and retrieving pots and pans and food items from shelves, racks and ovens; also for serving.

Grasping/Handling: Will be required to continuously perform both simple and power bilateral grasping throughout the workday. Power grasping will be required when handling heavy (full) pans and simple grasping will be required for cutting and chopping of food items.

Exposure to: Gas, dust or fumes from oven, range, charbroiler. Noise from equipment. Extremes in temperature from summer heat and walk-in freezer, outdoor environment and adverse weather conditions including sun, heat, cold, wind, and light rain.

Auditory and Visual Requirements: Must have hearing and visual acuity within normal ranges (with correction, if needed). Must continuously be able to hear voices and machinery and see all areas of normal visual field. Visual requirements include reading printed material.

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