Bellevue Union Elementary
Elementary Principal
The principal serves as the instructional leader and chief executive of the school; to be responsible for direction of the instructional program, operation of the school plant, participation in staff and student activities and community leadership. Major responsibilities are in the areas of communication, discipline, organization of resources and materials, personnel relationships, and evaluation of programs and staff.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

1. Works with the District Office in:
a) Implementing instructional programs
b) plant supervision and maintenance
c) budgeting
d) maintaining systematic records and inventories
e) transportation needs
f) establishing and implementation of emergency procedures
2. Manages the school office and ensures procedures are in place to accurately maintain data in the student information system.
3. Serves as a liaison between district office and staff
4. Fosters a school climate in which students can grow towards self-discipline, self-direction and participation in cooperative decision-making.
5. Helps to develop and maintain standards of pupil behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom.
6. Sees that school discipline procedures are clear and consistent.
7. Provides for overall supervision of pupils.
8. Works with the staff in the formulation and execution of district-wide policies relative to pupil evaluation, reporting and placement.
9. Assumes leadership for providing, within the school, a continuous program of curriculum improvement which at the same time contributes to district-wide curriculum development.
10. Assumes responsibility for a continuous plan of in-service education for the staff, and provides for the interchange of information and ideas.
11. Keeps staff informed of new educational developments on the local, state and national levels.
12. Develops a sound working relationship in which staff feels secure and confident.
13. Plans personnel needs and makes appropriate recommendations to the Superintendent’s Office for assignment, employment or dismissal of personnel.
14. Supervises and evaluates the performance of all assigned personnel in accordance with the district’s adopted uniform guidelines for evaluation and assessment. Assumes leadership in establishing and maintaining professional ethics (standards) and responsibilities.
15. Establishes an effective school administrative organization with clear lins of responsibility and with the necessary delegation of authority.
16. Prepares with staff a functional handbook which outlines school policies and duties of personnel.
17. Maintains a calendar of school activities.
18. Provides for articulation between grades, and between the elementary and Junior High levels.
19. Sees that the necessary facilities, equipment, books and supplies are available when and where required.
20. Develops a thorough understanding of the area served by the school, its homes, citizens, activities, problems, key organizations and attitudes concerning education.
21. Works with parents, staff, students, and organizations for the purpose of maintaining open communications.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

1. Shares responsibilities with other staff members for supervision of children outside the classroom during the school day.
2. Shares responsibilities with other staff members for promoting morale and safe learning environment within the school.
3. Maintains professional competence through such activities as in-service programs, reading professional publications and other professional growth activities.
4. Shares with other staff members the responsibility for participating in faculty committees, curriculum development and other developmental programs.
5. Performs other duties as assigned.

Reports to and is supervised by the Superintendent.
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